A change of blogging pace and style

Since late 2010, I have usually generated two or more substantive posts per week at Evolving Economics. Unfortunately, I’ve reached a point where I can’t sustain posting at the rate and quality I would like. The combination of writing my (near complete) PhD, trying to publish the chapters as papers, working full-time as a consultant (on a very interesting project for most of 2014), reading as much as I would like, and trying to have a life has proved a touch too much.

So, I’m changing my blogging strategy for the immediate future to a lower output approach. Posts will appear if I find time and mental space. I plan for some of those posts to be higher quality long reads – of the standard I’d be happy to see published in a magazine. I’ll also keep posting on my research and on events such as the upcoming Cooperation and Conflict in the Family Conference. But there will be no (self-imposed) schedule and some reasonably long gaps between substantive posts.

At the other end of the spectrum, I will keep putting up my “week of links” posts as a pointer to the interesting pieces I come across (although they may not arrive exactly on a weekly schedule). I may also post other quick notes of interesting articles and papers that I come across.

And I’m looking forward to it. During the last two months of 2013, posting was sporadic as I took a surfing holiday, came down with a fever that I picked up in the tropics, and took some time off over Christmas. I enjoyed the change of pace and the absence of a (completely self-imposed) obligation to generate regular content. I had more space for reading and getting across new ideas.

I may revert back to a more regular posting pattern if circumstances and resource constraints permit. But until then, thanks for the flow of comments, thoughts and support I’ve received over the last few years. I’m not disappearing, just being a little less productive on the blogging front.

And as has been the case for a while, if you would like to be notified of new posts when they do arrive, follow me on twitter or Google+ (there is also a Facebook page, although I’d recommend the other options first). You can also subscribe to posts via email by entering your address in the sidebar to the Evolving Economics page or in the box at the bottom of this post. There is also an RSS feed (if you still have a feedburner subscription to the feed, I recommend that you update your RSS feed to the one in the link above – that link will get you posts without delay and this feed address will persist if Google ever pulls the feedburner plug).



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